Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Storage Solutions

Europeans seem to have something against built-ins. Closets, drawers, cabinets...they don't really do them. It's probably because they have less stuff. Ummm...I have lots of stuff. I need to store said stuff. [Don't even suggest IKEA. There's a huge chance my marriage will not survive another trip to IKEA. We can never agree on anything there and TOIAW always goes on and on about how everything looks cheap. That's because it IS cheap, HONEY! It's IKEA! What do you expect? We do not need this furniure forever, just for until we return to the U.S. Can you tell we have IKEA issues? Oh, and it doesn't help that the arrogant BIL always calls while we're there. I don't know how he manages to time it like that, but he does and of course the world must come to a screeching halt so TOIAW can talk to him. Hmmm...Maybe it's not IKEA? Maybe I just have issues?] The bathrooms are where I most need storage. All we have is a medicine cabinet (one in each of the upstairs bathrooms) which doesn't accommodate all of our toiletries not to mention hair care gadgets. Towels are currently stored in the bedrooms as there are no linen closets. Also, the walls are floor to ceiling white tile. I know, could be a worse color (and it was at our old house) but it reallys needs some color. You probably stopped caring several sentences ago. I'll get to the point.


They are from The Macbeth Collection and they come in a zillion different patterns. You can also get them with an initial! There are also a lot of other fun things on their website.

I also want to make several of these although I'm not sure of their purpose just yet. I'm crazy about this new signature JCaroline fabric! I just think they're so much more fun than plastic bins and I like that the size and fabric can be customized for any space. This is the pattern.

Fun solutions whether you want to make it yourself or just type your address and credit card number. I love to have options!

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The Gutsy Mom said...

These are all gorgeous. Thanks for the virtual window shopping.