Monday, February 11, 2008

Hey, I Know You!

Things have been busy this week. That's an interesting change of pace, I must say. We've been very busy on the social front and TOIAW is rather busy at work as well. I'm busy with my "work" also; we're still on track to set the world record for most dirty laundry generated by two person household award.

On Saturday, TOIAW and I got together with two other couples. One of which is actually from my hometown. We had talked about it before and decided we had not previously met, but it turns out I had met the husband half of the couple. We all sang It's a Small World. It was quite touching. Okay, you're right, we didn't do that. We did, however, stay out until way after 11 pm which is far more unusual than me spontaneously breaking out in song.

In an IVF update, I can tell you we did decide to "go with my gut" and wait until I return from the wedding to begin everything. I may actually begin medication while still in the US, but my eggs won't be seeing any action until I return to Europe. I'm very excited and from time to time I have to remind myself that IVF does not carry a 100% success rate because I find myself thinking, "oh, I'll be pregnant then blah, blah, blah..." and I should know better than most that it doesn't always work that way. All that is to say, though, that I am very optimistic about it and I am ever so thankful that God made it abundantly clear this is what we should do.

I am going to conclude today's post with a public service announcement. I learned today that a friend of mine has second degree burns on her face as well as a burned cornea. How did that happen? I'm glad you asked. It seems she was heating wax in preparation to wax her eyebrows. She was following the package directions which instructed her to heat the wax in the microwave. A hard film formed on the surface so she, again following the directions, poked through said film. When she did this, the wax exploded in her face! According to her doctors, she is very lucky that the damage was not more severe. Thankfully she is doing well and her eye should heal completely. She may have some facial scarring but has already met with a dermatologist and plastic surgeon and they have a plan to mitigate the situation. Bless her heart! The moral of the story is two-fold:

1. Be careful when heating wax in the microwave. I mean EXTRA CAREFUL!

2. Just go to a salon and enjoy the few minutes of laying down on a nice, comfy massage table.

Shout out to you, Tiffany! Get well soon! Thanks for keeping me in the loop, M :)

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Note to self - enjoy salon administered waxing, and be grateful.

Yikes. Cringe.