Thursday, February 14, 2008

Visions of Sunshine

I just returned from taking PP to puppy camp. I have been waiting all week to clean the floors and now is my perfect chance. The best part is they will remain clean for several days because tonight we are flying to Barcelona! I'm not sure if the exclamation mark is for the clean floors or the trip. It makes me think of the Showcase Showdown on The Price is Right, "Your Showcase begins with a range of cleaning products. First we have a Roomba Scooba that will leave your floors clean and sparkling. And you'll be reminded of your sparkling floors when you look out over the sparkling Meditteranean Sea on your trip to Barcelona! Enjoy a five night, 6 day trip to Barcelona..." Okay, so I doubt TPIR will be offering me a writers' position anytime soon, but I wouldn't mind becoming the next contestant and winning a Roomba Scooba. If TOIAW read my blog, he would know the way to my heart is with self-powered cleaning gadgets.

I am very excited to go to Barcelona, actually. Neither of us has been there and the forecast calls for sunny skies and warmer weather than Themiddleofnowhere, Germany and that's more than enough to excite me. Our airfare was inexpensive but the hotel rate more than made up for it. We decided to stay in a nice hotel in great location and soak up the city which makes it seem that much more exciting. I'm always game for a nice hotel!

Today I stopped by the German pharmacy to drop off my IVF prescriptions. The price is about a quarter of what we were told to expect. There is a possibility that we might have to get more later but it looks like we still come out ahead. A very nice surprise on this Valentine's Day!

It looks like I'm not going to get that Scooba until later in the day so for now, it's all me. I hope you and Valentine have a wonderful day!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

British Invasion

Last night I received an email from my doctor requesting I see him this morning. I already had a plan for my day and that errand was not part of it. Oh well, I went anyway and it totally didn't have to be done today but it is done so whatever.

Because of the change of plans, I had to go with TOIAW to work. He told me what time we needed to leave and five minutes before said time, I was tying my shoes as he walked in from outside and yelled, "Rachel, the British are coming!!!" Right-O, Paul Revere.

Seriously, I had no idea what he was talking about. I was beginning to think we might need to review the information I've collected on sleep deprivation. Turns out, he had an important meeting with a contingent of soldiers from the armed forces of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

It's no secret I have Anglophile leanings so I was immediately interested. I told him he could mention that I made scones (from scratch!) last week. You know, to add to his British street cred. I also asked if he could kindly find out if any of his new mates knew either Princes William or Harry and, if so, if they might be able to facilitate a meeting with them. I offered to provide tea and scones for such a meeting. TOIAW/Paul Revere reminded me that he was not so impressed with my scones. I reminded him that, while not perfect, they were good and, anyway, he ate them plain. Duh! Everyone knows scones are merely a conduit for really good stuff like clotted cream, butter, or any artery-clogging spread of your choice and jam. Sadly, TOIAW/PR's knowledge of British fare begins and ends with Cadbury's. Another request was for him to find out if anyone is planning on becoming a Yeoman Warder because I would love to spend the night in the Tower of London (only as a guest and not a prisoner).

When we arrived at his work, the Brits were all standing around as there were some issues with getting them through security. I got a kick out of the salute one of them gave TOIAW/ formal and cheesy! I was a bit disappointed, however, that I didn't see anyone marching in that distinctive British way. Her Majesty does have some strapping young lads in her army. Strapping young lads, indeed...Right, where was I? Oh yes, well, TOIAW/PR's mates have invited him out for a pint tonight. Suits me just fine, I'd rather stay in with my cuppa and watch the telly.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Hey, I Know You!

Things have been busy this week. That's an interesting change of pace, I must say. We've been very busy on the social front and TOIAW is rather busy at work as well. I'm busy with my "work" also; we're still on track to set the world record for most dirty laundry generated by two person household award.

On Saturday, TOIAW and I got together with two other couples. One of which is actually from my hometown. We had talked about it before and decided we had not previously met, but it turns out I had met the husband half of the couple. We all sang It's a Small World. It was quite touching. Okay, you're right, we didn't do that. We did, however, stay out until way after 11 pm which is far more unusual than me spontaneously breaking out in song.

In an IVF update, I can tell you we did decide to "go with my gut" and wait until I return from the wedding to begin everything. I may actually begin medication while still in the US, but my eggs won't be seeing any action until I return to Europe. I'm very excited and from time to time I have to remind myself that IVF does not carry a 100% success rate because I find myself thinking, "oh, I'll be pregnant then blah, blah, blah..." and I should know better than most that it doesn't always work that way. All that is to say, though, that I am very optimistic about it and I am ever so thankful that God made it abundantly clear this is what we should do.

I am going to conclude today's post with a public service announcement. I learned today that a friend of mine has second degree burns on her face as well as a burned cornea. How did that happen? I'm glad you asked. It seems she was heating wax in preparation to wax her eyebrows. She was following the package directions which instructed her to heat the wax in the microwave. A hard film formed on the surface so she, again following the directions, poked through said film. When she did this, the wax exploded in her face! According to her doctors, she is very lucky that the damage was not more severe. Thankfully she is doing well and her eye should heal completely. She may have some facial scarring but has already met with a dermatologist and plastic surgeon and they have a plan to mitigate the situation. Bless her heart! The moral of the story is two-fold:

1. Be careful when heating wax in the microwave. I mean EXTRA CAREFUL!

2. Just go to a salon and enjoy the few minutes of laying down on a nice, comfy massage table.

Shout out to you, Tiffany! Get well soon! Thanks for keeping me in the loop, M :)

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Storage Solutions

Europeans seem to have something against built-ins. Closets, drawers, cabinets...they don't really do them. It's probably because they have less stuff. Ummm...I have lots of stuff. I need to store said stuff. [Don't even suggest IKEA. There's a huge chance my marriage will not survive another trip to IKEA. We can never agree on anything there and TOIAW always goes on and on about how everything looks cheap. That's because it IS cheap, HONEY! It's IKEA! What do you expect? We do not need this furniure forever, just for until we return to the U.S. Can you tell we have IKEA issues? Oh, and it doesn't help that the arrogant BIL always calls while we're there. I don't know how he manages to time it like that, but he does and of course the world must come to a screeching halt so TOIAW can talk to him. Hmmm...Maybe it's not IKEA? Maybe I just have issues?] The bathrooms are where I most need storage. All we have is a medicine cabinet (one in each of the upstairs bathrooms) which doesn't accommodate all of our toiletries not to mention hair care gadgets. Towels are currently stored in the bedrooms as there are no linen closets. Also, the walls are floor to ceiling white tile. I know, could be a worse color (and it was at our old house) but it reallys needs some color. You probably stopped caring several sentences ago. I'll get to the point.


They are from The Macbeth Collection and they come in a zillion different patterns. You can also get them with an initial! There are also a lot of other fun things on their website.

I also want to make several of these although I'm not sure of their purpose just yet. I'm crazy about this new signature JCaroline fabric! I just think they're so much more fun than plastic bins and I like that the size and fabric can be customized for any space. This is the pattern.

Fun solutions whether you want to make it yourself or just type your address and credit card number. I love to have options!

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Nothing You Should Worry About

Any minute now an escaped convict could break into our house and kill us all. Sure we have a German Shepherd but she'll just go grab her ball and annoy him/her/them until they throw it (there might also be some licking). TOIAW just spouted off something about him being an airborne Ranger, trained to kill with his bare hands, blah, blah, blah. None of this is enough to stop me from panic.

You see, there is some sort of dention center located about a mile from us and they just sounded off their alarm four times. A piercing alarm reminiscent of those air raid sirens in WWII movies. I'm assuming the allies would have notified us if they were planning a bombing raid, so that leaves only one plausible scenario: Someone has escaped!

I urged TOIAW to call his work and ask them if they had information. He refused, so I called. The very polite man who answered the phone was unware of the detention facility and put me on hold while he "investigated." I could hear him relaying what I said to a third party. He then returned to the phone and said, "Ma'am, that's nothing you should worry about." Ummm, okay, thanks. TOIAW didn't think that was an acceptable answer but he didn't call back to get more information. He did lower all the metal window shades (at my request) and dug out his machete. Apparently he has never watched Oprah on self-defense day. Everyone knows criminals will strip you of your weapon and use it against you. Duh.

I'm hoping for the best while preparing for the worst. My first step was to write to you, my dear friends and faithful readers. Now I'm going to call my family and freak them out.