Wednesday, January 23, 2008

I still remember watching this movie with Krista and Katie in Katie's bedroom in Mevasseret Zion. I've loved "Can't Take My Eyes Off of You" ever since and it was even on my wedding CD. *sigh*

I also loved A Knight's Tale, which I also saw in Jerusalem (at the theater where it was common to see people with two guns, not just one that a lot of people carry), with Ellen, Krista, and Katie.

If I was going through a tough time and, for whatever reason, couldn't talk to TOIAW or my family or, perhaps, they tried to reach me but couldn't, those three lovely ladies mentioned above would be there to support and love me. They are just a handful of friends I can count on. I pray my friends know I would fly anywhere in the world to do the same for them. I simply do not understand how anyone--in Hollywood or elsewhere--can just sit back and let their friends self-destruct. I know it's more complicated than that. I know people have to want help. Maybe I'm just really blessed (I am) but I have no doubt that my family and friends would exhaust all resources before allowing me to meet my demise in such a way.

Yesterday one of my neighbors asked me if I would like to go out and celebrate another neighbor's 30th birthday. I said sure and assumed her husband was out of town. It's a natural assumption considering I really don't know any of my neighbors that well and wouldn't think they would choose to spend their birthday with me as opposed to their husbands. Turns out her husband was home but had not planned anything which upset her so she made her own plans. We had a nice time but it was bittersweet as she shared about her husband and some of the issues he is having. He won't get help for his PTSD and she doesn't know what to do. She loves him, you can see it in her eyes, but their relationship is crumbling as he crumbles also. I encouraged her to talk to someone to help her deal with all of this. I laid in bed last night thinking about her and then it hit me why this is so upsetting to me: I, or any number of my friends, could easily be in the same situation.

Okay, no more depressing posts for a while, I promise :) I just wish that mental health wasn't so taboo. Even my neighbor who I've talked to about 3 times since August, told me she had a lesion on her "female parts." Why is that okay, and chemical imbalances are not? It's not as if I was all that comfortable talking to her about the lesion but I did. So let's all go out and encourage others to talk about their battles with depression, addiction, and the voices in their heads. Maybe not? Okay, let's make sure our friends know we care about them and we will never give up on them. Ever.

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