Monday, January 7, 2008

Home, Sweet Home

There is a saying among military families that home is where Uncle Sam sends you. I prefer the idea that home is where your stuff is. It was wonderful to walk into my home yesterday morning. Full disclosure: It was good to be home but it seems TOIAW decided to do some furniture rearrangement and picture hanging while I was gone and niether pleased me much. By "neither pleased me much," I mean I yelled at TOIAW so loudly that I'm sure the neighbors heard me and thought, "she's baaaack." Okay, people, it wasn't my finest moment but in my defense the plane ride was long, cold, and we didn't get upgraded and the very expensive shuttle we arranged to take us home failed to show (the driver claimed he got stuck or some such nonsense because there was very little snow) forcing us to walk to the rental car counters and hire a very expensive car.

But now the furniture is back in place and the wall hangings issue has been resolved so we're good. I think I might be over jet lag which is an added bonus! We ended up being voluntarily bumped from our Thursday evening flight and spending two nights in Washington, D.C. We had a lovely time and I will blog about that tomorrow. It was so nice to have TOIAW to myself after being apart and then sharing him for two weeks. As you probably guessed, I survived another vacation with TOIAW's family. More importantly, so did our marriage (no small feat).

Princess Poopsalot had a great time at puppy camp which is how the owner of the kennel describes it. I was a little disappointed that she didn't come home with a plater-of-paris paw casting or, at the very least, some macaroni art to hang on the fridge. I'm pretty sure we could have sent a child to space camp for roughly the same amount it cost us to send PP to puppy camp. That's money well spent, however, because not once did I worry about the care she was receiving. In fact, she stays in the house with the family, their cats, and the other dogs whose owners are willing to cough up the extra money so that their dogs receive the same treatment. We only had one small issue:

Kennel Owner: "Oh, does Princess Poospalot know how to open doors?"
Me: "Yes, she does. I guess she showed you her trick?" (said with a sweet smile while thinking to myself, "I told TOIAW to mention that on the 'is there anything unique we need to know about your dog' part of the questionaire.'")
Kennel Owner: "Well, at first she didn't know how to open our doors, but she tried. One day we were gone and returned to find all the dogs in the shop (there is a pet shop connected to a hallway that also connects to the living room of the house making it two doors away from the room where PP and her pals were). The next day I noticed PP putting one paw on the door, one on the wall, and opening the door with her nose and I am sure she is the one who opened the doors. We caught her trying to open the doors several more times."
Me: "I'm very sorry. Did the dogs cause any damage while they were out?" (praying they didn't eat their weights in treats since they have a lot of chew toys sitting out in open bins)
Kennel Owner: "No, it's not a problem but your dog is very clever and you should always watch her closely."

Yep, thanks, got it. That's why we have to lock her in a room when we leave and take the key (because she can still get out if we leave the key in the door). That being said, she's done nothing but sleep all day save the short walk where I fell on the ice and decided to cut it short. Good times.

Did I mention how cold it is here? Very cold. I don't want to know the exact temperature. Oklahoma set record highs on Saturday. It was so warm when I got there and then there was the most devastating ice storm ever to hit the state followed by snow the following weekend. When we were in Georgia there were very low temperatures and even a dusting of snow however this weekend it was in the 70's there. I'm beginning to feel like the Cold Weahter Fairy!

Well, my lazy day must come to an end now as I have much work to do. TOIAW is leaving on a week-long business trip tomorrow and he wants to take clean clothes or something like that. I tried to point out that he is going to one of the former Soviet republics and, if the people there are anything like his family, he only needs two set of clothes, max. He didn't find that as funny as I did.

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Tracy said...

So good to have you back! Laughing about the 2 sets of clothes comment.

We have a friend with a smart dog that can open doors. It's HILARIOUS! Of course, it'r probably not as funny if it's your dog, but...

I think even if our dog could figure out that trick, he'd probably be too lazy to use it.

Welcome home!