Monday, January 28, 2008

Get 'Er Done

So far today I have cleaned three bathrooms, dusted and straightened my bedroom, dusted the guest room, cleaned the refrigerator, cleaned the kitchen, three loads of laundry, taken the dog for a one hour walk...and there are miles to go before I sleep. I want to take a nap! I'm generally much more productive in the morning (don't get confused and think I'm a morning person because I AM NOT) and now that it's afternoon I just want to curl up in my reading chair and finish my book. No, no, no I WILL stay on track.

I have a semi-busy week which is why I am trying to get everything done today. Tonight I have the dreaded officers' wives coffee group. I wouldn't go but a friend is hosting it and it's just around the corner which leaves me without a good excuse. These groups often have unique dynamics; I promise to take notes if there is anything amusing worth sharing.

I just heard that Buckingham Palace has 775 rooms and 78 bathrooms. At least I don't have to clean that.

P.S. Is anyone else having issues with Blogger's spell check? It won't work for me and I simply do not have the attention to detail to edit my own posts.

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