Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Why is it that I can let the dog out, shower, get ready (hair, make-up, get dressed), make breakfast, pack your lunch, put dinner in the crock pot, make a phone call to reschedule an appointment, remove towels from dyer, transfer clothes from washer to dryer, begin another load of laundry, and eat my breakfast all in the amount of time it takes you to use the toilet, shave, shower, get dressed, and eat your breakfast (that I made and sat on the table for you)? I'm asking because you were so insensed when I asked you to please take the dog for a short walk before we leave her alone for 5 hours. I believe your exact words were something like "this was not in my plan for this morning." I did not realize that asking you to take the dog for 5 minute spin around the block required 48 hours advance notice but, believe me, I will NOT make that mistake again.

Your Adoring Wife

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Tracy said...

Sitting here, LMAO!

Been there done that, regularly.