Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The Big Day

I have my appointment with the uber fertility specialist tomorrow. My regular specialist doesn't do in-vitro or inseminations and this is the doctor he recommends. I'm really nervous. I don't know why I'm nervous, but I am. Rational thoughts and feelings have seldom been a part of this fertility adventure. I want to be rational and ask all the right questions and then discuss it all with TOIAW (and Google) before making any decisions but I'm pretty sure I'm going to go in there and say, "I want a baby. Here's a check. Can we start yesterday?" TOIAW will be the rational one. He will have a list of questions with follow-up questions to his questions. Don't you for one minute think he is predictable. He'll keep you guessing, that man of mine! For instance, there's really no way of knowing if he'll have the questions written in his little green notebook that never leaves his person or if he'll have them on an index card that is inserted in said notebook.

I'm both happy and sad to report the coffee group was rather normal. Only one slightly odd person and I didn't talk to her much. I did overhear her telling someone that Munich, a city steeped in history and rich Bavarian tradition, does not offer her the cultural outlets she so desires and it such drudgery for her to live in Europe and not be able to indulge her "refined tastes." [Yes, that was a direct quote and I'm still not sure it makes sense and even if it does is it appropriate for one to say that about herself?] mmmmmkay. I actually knew several of the ladies there which made it more comfortable and I had a nice chat with someone I would like to know better. We'll probably be great friends by the time we move...in August. Yep, TOIAW just sprung that on me last week. I knew we were moving, actually, but I thought (and hoped) it would be later. No worries; it's not as if I can change it.

We're still having to feed PP a special diet of cottage cheese and rice. I'm beginning to develop a conspiracy theory involving the vet and PP. I was okay until the vet suggested PP might tire of the cottage cheese/rice mixture and chicken may need to be added as well. The people at the grocery store probably think I am selling cottage cheese and rice on eBay because I buy massive quantities at least twice a week. With that I'm off to take her for a ball fetching session. Yesterday it turned into a fun game of Mama Fetch where I would throw the ball, PP would chase it, and then get distracted with other smells forcing me to retrieve the ball. Who needs a personal trainer when you have a dog?

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Tracy said...

Sounds like how Gus and I play fetch! ha ha...

Good luck with your RE. And where will you be moving?