Monday, January 14, 2008

Am I Being Punked?

WARNING: This is a complete non-sequitor post.

My mother-in-law called me yesterday. You know, just to chat. 'Cause that's how we roll; we're chums. NOT. I was a little surprised by how chatty we were when I saw them a few weeks ago, but I chalked it up as a one off situation. Even my FIL was nice and actually sought me out for conversations. I definitely found this odd but I only see them twice a year so it's hardly a pattern. I'm still waiting for Ashton to pop out of a corner...

TOIAW is home safe and sound. Maybe this house can get on a normal schedule again! I haven't gone to sleep before 2 am one night in the past week. It's a combination of jet lag and a lack of a schedule. Even the dog has been out of sorts although I'm still a bit concerned that she is not feeling well so I'm taking her to the vet tomorrow just to be sure. I wish she could talk or cry or do Morse code with her paws so we could communicate. I don't actually know Morse code, but I am willing to learn.

I have some exciting news: Friday I had lunch with a friend and we decided to go to Dubrovnik, Croatia for Spring Break! Neither one of us are in school, nor do we have kids but why should Spring Break be reserved for that crowd? I saw Dubrovnik on The Amazing Race and it looks pretty cool. Hopefully we won't get road blocked. TOIAW gave me his blessing for yet another trip without him (December, March, April...this is getting to be a trend) and said he would be working with the Brits during that time so I wouldn't see him anyway (read: "I'm not going to need many meals then, so go and enjoy yourselves"). The only possible reason I would cancel is if I found out one of the Princes was coming to Themiddleofnowhere, Germany to train. In that case, I would sit in the woods with camoflauge on my face and twigs in my hat waiting for a glimpse of their royal cuteness. I'm just kidding. I would be much more hi-tech in my stalking.

So it seems that the President of France is squiring a lovely young lady who is even rumored to be pregnant. A marriage is not out of the question. They both have children from previous relationships so it's kind of a Brady-Bunch-on-the-Seine thing. The only difference being that the girlfriend's son was fathered by her ex-boyfriend's son. Oh snap! Who needs the Spears family when you have this? Hmmm, come to think of it, the Spears family is from Louisiana which was first settled by the you see where I'm going with this? I think her new response should be, "It's okay, I'm from Louisiana so for all intents and purposes, I'm French." That would shut them up.

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