Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Checking In

I'm not sure if anyone is even checking my blog since it has been forever since I wrote anything. My apologies. Life in the US is much busier than life in Themiddleofnowhere, Germany. I know, I know...but it's true.

I've been so busy hanging out with family, helping out at my aunt's monogram shop, and SHOPPING that I've hardly turned on my computer. I have done some major shopping. TOIAW has hardly acknowledged this. Life is good!

So, just wanted you know I'm alive and well. Very well. Being with family can be a bit stressful but they are my family so it's generally good stress. I'm very blessed. That reminds me of a quote I heard yesterday, "I'm too blessed to be stressed." Truer words are rarely heard.

I want to take time to wish everyone the merriest of Christmases! If you are one of my dear friends whose husbands are away, please know that I love you. I've been there and I know how much it hurts and just generally stinks. My family and I set aside special time on Christmas Eve to pray for military families who are separated but this year we will pray specifically for families that TOIAW know. I'm making a list (and checking it twice) so no one is left out and every time I add a name I think of the family and get teary. I admire you so much; you are my heroes.


Tracy said...

I have been checking your blog, and am glad to hear you're okay. Also glad you are enjoying time with family.

Merry Christmas to you and yours!

The Gutsy Mom said...

I so hear you. I have had a hard time finding computer time, too. My blog is shamefully behind. Oh well. The way I see it, I'll have plenty of time to update it when I return to Germany, and for now I am concentrating on having fun with family and friends. Merry Christmas hugs to you!

Happy Homemaker said...

What a sweet and thoughtful entry. So happy you're having a wonderful and busy visit!