Saturday, November 17, 2007

Thou Shalt Not Covet

Yesterday I was invited to a neighbor's house for tea. She is a new friend I met at the conference last week and I am really excited to get to know her better. She lives about a block away but I had not met her until last week and I didn't know there was another small group of American houses in our town. I was blown away when I walked in her house! It is such a nice floor plan and her kitchen is more than twice the size of large, in fact, I doubt she is forced to stow her serving pieces in the basement. They have two floors (three bedrooms) and a full basement with one very large finished room that opens out to their HUGE fenced-in yard. We have three floors (four bedrooms but much smaller than her rooms) and a full basement but the floors are all concrete and the only room with heat is the laundry room. Oh, but their yard is SO NICE! Princess Poopsalot would be in heaven! We had a nice time chatting and then I left to have lunch with a friend (yesterday was a really busy day for me!).

On the drive, I kept thinking about her house and how much better I liked it, how it work so much better for us, blah, blah, blah. I was starting to get grumpy so I had to just snap out of it. The house I have now is so much nicer than the house we lived in before. Furthermore, I live here at no cost; it's just something assigned to my husband based on his rank and what was available when we arrived. It is not a house we chose or purchased and I will only live here for a matter of months. Why would I get upset that someone else has something "better" than what I have? Because I'm human, I suppose. Today I am going around my house listing the things for which I am thankful and it has really improved my perspective and outlook. Then again, life would be a lot better if I were perfect.

All week, I had been looking forward to lunch with my friend. I've really missed her since we moved. She precious and I still remember the first time I met her and how confused she was about being a spouse to someone who does what our husbands do. I'm proud of how well she has embraced it and is making the most of it. This organization is a lifestyle, not just a job, and it impacts so many areas of your life which is not easy for everyone to accept. If you choose not to accept that, you are sure to fail. I often see the spouses who fight it and they never fare well emotionally which is never good for their marriages. So anyway, my friend's husband worked for my husband for over a year and now he is in on a really long business trip. Of course it's difficult, but they're both doing very well and I was happy to see that. I love you and I'm so proud of you, Nicki!

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