Thursday, November 29, 2007

A Shocking Confession

I don't have any Christmas decorations. There, I said it.

I'm very embarrassed by this but, the truth is, we have never spent the Holidays at our home. I happy to report that buying Christmas decorations is very high on my priority shopping list. I found these really cute ornaments at Pottery Barn and when I went to buy them today, they're

gone. I could probably make them but my good friend, MM (shout out to you!), pointed out that at $6, they were a good deal. Apparently plenty of other people agreed with her. Now I'll be forced to DIY them unless I find something I like better (which is doubtful because I love me some ribbon!).

But I don't just need ornaments. We don't have stockings, or wreaths, or garland, or even a single ceramic peppermint candle holder. What kind of person am I? You're probably asking yourself the same thing. Sure I've seen the the left-over decorations on sale slashed to 25% of their original price but jcrew and banana and a new pair of boots always seem to be calling to me in a sweeter, louder voice.

This year will be different! I WILL buy decorations. (No need to sell your jcrew stock just yet; I'm sure I'll find time to pop in there for a bit as well.)

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The Gutsy Mom said...

Do you want me to send you a glue gun and styrofoam balls and ribbon from Michael's? You need, no wait, you DESERVE those gorgeous ribbon ball ornaments. And, um, thanks for leaving out the part about me being too LAZY to make them myself! $6 was a good price, though. Hugs galore to you... I need to catch up on my blog reading... but just from scanning your recent posts, I can tell a hug is in order. Now go decorate!