Sunday, November 4, 2007

No Limits

A couple of weeks ago, TOIAW and I decided to go to the UK for Thanksgiving. We're staying in Wales because we got a good deal on the hotel and TOIAW's older brother (you may recall him, he's the one who wouldn't eat my French Toast souffle and had hot dogs instead) lives in London and I didn't want to be obligated to spend the weekend with him. Good news! He and his lovely wife are coming to hang out with us in Wales...only, they were never invited. That's TOIAW's fault because I told him not to tell them we were going to be there but he did anyway thinking they were going to be in Moscow (they have 2 residences) then and it wouldn't matter. Turns out they are going to be in Moscow, but they decided they would join us anyway. We are using hotel points in order to get the room "free" but BIL is paying $425 (perhaps more if the dollar continues to weaken). Ummm, we're not that much fun to hang out with. But, wait, there's more. Today BIL called and asked if we would change our plans so we could stay closer to Bath because he already has a plan of what he wants to do there. I guess I'm mellowing with age, because I laughed hysterically when TOIAW told me this. Okay, so let me get this straight: You invited yourself along on our holiday and now you want us to change our plans so we can do what you want to do? Right, just checking. Don't think bad of me, but one of the reasons I'm not making a big deal of this is because I know they'll pay for everything. I know, I know...I'm shameless but the money we save means more money for me to spend when I'm home for the holidays.

In other news, I've been cooking and baking all day. It feels like Thanksgiving. I'm going to a conference this week so I pre-made meals for TOIAW. I don't think he fully appreciates how spoiled he is! In my former life, I was a flight attendant and when we got married I would always make food for him to have while I was gone. One time I made a comment about it and one of the ancient flight attendants made fun of me for the rest of the 4-day trip. I don't mind and this way I know he's not just eating junk. I'm almost done with everything but I still need to clean (ick!) and pack but thanks to TOIAW having a few light work days this week, all my laundry is done. Yes, he does laundry and it's wonderful. The catch is he is very proud of his work and will give me a status report--including how many loads he has done, how many he still has to do, and various other laundry-related statistics--approximately every 30 minutes.

See you Thursday!


Happy Homemaker said...

What a great wife you are! My poor husband even has to pack for himself... hee hee!

What did you make?

Tracy said...

You are a great wife! :) My hubby does the same thing when he does laundry. Oh, so proud.