Wednesday, November 28, 2007

I'm Restraining Myself

No, this is not another post about my in-laws.

Have you looked online lately and seen the great deals out there? If the sales are this good before Christmas, will they give stuff away afterwards? I've gotten free shipping on everything I've ordered and I have only purchased items that were on sale. It's proving quite the challenge to not buy things for myself but I am willing to fight the mall crowds just to shop at a real American mall. That might only last 20 minutes once I'm there, but I want to leave my options open before spending my entire budget online because I can shop online anytime.

And everything is going to priced in dollars and not euros which ROCKS! This morning TOIAW told me that the cover of the German equivalent to Time magazine, has a picture of a dollar in the shape of a plane doing a nose dive while on fire. Thanks for the visual on that. Danke. It doesn't effect us that much, really, because most purchases we make on the German economy are optional. You know, like 4,500 Euro for IVF.

We met with our doctor to discuss the next step and that is what he is recommending. I'm not going to post about it because 1) it's too depressing to discuss during the holiday season, and 2) I've done enough whining lately. We have our consultation with the professor (that's what they call physicians who are also qualified to teach) after we return to Germany in January. He does the actual surgical procedures for IVF and our doctor will prescribe the medications and do the monitoring. I'm so confused so I'm going to ban myself from Google (well, from medical googling, that is...ummm, not all medical googling, just infertility googling) and wait until January to obsess.

That leaves me with two things from which I must restrain myself: Online shopping and obsessing over infertility treatments. I'm pretty much at a loss about what to do with now that my two favorite hobbies are not available. Looks like I have absolutely no other option than to do my chores :)

P.S. If you don't already know about it, is the place to find coupons for discounts and free shipping codes. Very cool resource!

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