Monday, October 22, 2007

Weekend & Stuff

We didn't do much this weekend but since this blog is my diary, I figured I would chronicle it anyway.

Friday night we went to a Hail & Farewell. For those of you unfamiliar with this term, get on your knees and thank the Lord for you are truly blessed. It's a casual event for a military unit in which they formally welcome new members and spouses and say farewell to those who are leaving. This one wasn't so bad, I must say; the food was great, we had adequate space for our group, the formal portion of the evening was mercifully brief, and our table mates were an open-minded civilian contractor, his lovely foreign-born wife, and--the piece de resistance--their well-behaved 3 year-old. Not all H&F's go so well. I have been to a few that, were they used in place of water-boarding or various other torture techniques, would have resulted in far more surrendered secrets.

Saturday was spent searching for and purchasing airline tickets for the holidays. Sounds easy, enough? What if I said we spent about 6 hours on this task? We did walk the dog and would periodically take breaks but I was determined to book them before they got even more expensive...I was a woman with a mission! I was getting very frustrated with sites such as Orbitz, Travelocity, and the like because they would find flights but when I went to actually book the prices had gone up $400. Ugh! This went on and on and on with TOIAW and I passing the computer back and forth until finally I called United and spoke to a very nice woman who helped us. Although TOIAW and I are leaving on different days, we wanted to travel the remainder of our itinerary together. This is not as easy as I thought it would be. In the end, we're paying more than we would have several weeks ago when we were ready to book and TOIAW's family hadn't yet made up their minds about their plans BUT who cares because I'm going to be home with my family for nearly an entire month and I am beyond excited! I will not let a little money and/or his family ruin unfettered access to Target for me.

Sunday began with snow, Snow, SNOW! Okay, just a little bit and it was mixed with rain and it's only October so this could make for a l-o-n-g winter, but who cares? It was snow! It's also been pretty cold with a heavy frost this morning. I'm completely in the holiday spirit :) Anyhoo, we went shopping yesterday and I bought groceries and laundry detergent which pretty much nullifies all my excuses of late. I got beat at Yahtzee! and then we went to bed early. It's not the most exciting life, but it is MY life and I love's JUST what I always wanted!!!


Happy Homemaker said...

Have you checked out the website I posted about? Real Simple magazine had a blurb about it.

You enter your airline ticket numbers and it keeps track of prices. Should they drop, it emails you and tells you how to get a rebate or the difference refunded to you. Maybe it's worth a try?

Rachel said...

Yes, my husband did a thorough investigation of the site and has put in our information. Thanks for posting that; I am a faithful Real Simple reader and forgot about it until I read it on your blog.

So hopefully it will 'work' for us...I'll let you know :)