Thursday, October 25, 2007

Thanks For Putting Me In An Awkward Position

On Sunday, when TOIAW and I were shopping, our check-out lady (person?) was Nicole who is also the owner of the kennel where we take PP. It's actually closer to where we used to live, but if she's going to be there for any length of time we still take her there because she really loves it. Sometimes I get the feeling she likes it better than our house but that's probably because she has 24 hour playmates there. When she's there she doesn't stay in a kennel, she just stays in the house with their menagerie and what ever other dogs happen to be there also. A friend of mine once described it as a lot of dogs getting together and renting a house and they allow humans to live there also. Sometimes when they are busy it's like "Lord of the Flies" for dogs. I search to see if any are wearing a conch shell. It's an interesting place but, as I said, PP loves it there and everyone we know uses it so who am I to argue?

Nicole was looking kind of rough that day but, who knows, I probably was also. I'm not sure if I've mentioned it before but TOIAW sometimes lacks tact; he's not being rude or purposefully hurtful, he just says the wrong things. I'm working on it, but my sensitivity training is often undermined by his work environment so it's an ongoing process. This is what he said to Nicole, "Wow, you don't look so good. Are you sick or really tired?" [Later I asked him why he said this and he said because she really did look bad. Ummm, yeah, but is it any of your business?] She said she was indeed having a bad day because several of her friends had departed for the desert that morning. That's very sad and we, obviously, understand. The woman ahead of us in line had forgotten her ID so we were just standing there, awkwardly, and then Nicole confessed that one of the "friends" who left was more than a friend and that morning he had asked her to marry him. Awww, congratulations! But, uhhh, what about that guy who lives with you? No, I didn't really ask that and, shockingly, neither did TOIAW.

Nicole goes on to tell us that she and Toby (the guy who lives with her) had separated and agreed not to see other people but, ooops, she kind of broke that deal. We kind of suspected that things weren't going so well and there was the time this summer when we picked-up PP and the windows were open and it took a long time for anyone to come to the door and then a guy other than Toby came to the door so, you know, we kind of put it all together. But the thing is, we like Toby better; we interact with him more, he seems to love our dog (what's not to love other than her predisposition to aggression?), and he's a really nice guy. I just can't believe she felt the need to tell us all of this. Now I wonder what really goes on in that house. Also, I want to call Toby--poor guy! For reasons that were not clear, Nicole is not going to tell him about any of this for a few months and then he will move out. I'm really sad for him because I know he really loves her.

We're asking around to find a new kennel. Our dog is so social, that she just can't be in a cage or room all day and, fortunately, boarding dogs in your house is a common thing here.

We can't help but think this has something to do with PP's extreme fear of pillows (she runs out of the room if I'm arranging the throw pillows on the sofa). Clearly there's something going on there with affairs, break-ups, and just never really know someone, huh?