Thursday, October 25, 2007

Post Office Mercies

Usually I hope, wish, and pray that assorted packages will greet me when I go to the post office. Today there were packages I wanted and a certain package I didn't want. Hallelujah, I got the one I wanted and not the one I didn't want. This really never happens because a) there is usually never a package I don't want and, b) the packages always take longer than I expect and they're usually not there when I want.

So today I had a fabulous package of fabric and ribbon that I'm going to use to make all kinds of things of which I promise to post pictures. JCaroline is the best crafting website EVER. I also received some other craft (scrapbooking) stuff I had almost forgotten about. What I didn't receive--and this is the best part--is the package of 15 early-detection pregnancy tests.

This means I can have a weekend of peace! I have a slightly obsessive personality and if I had the tests, I would use them. It's how I roll. This could have had potentially catastrophic consequences because there is a high chance of false positives at this point so I would be forced to test multiple times a day comparing the colors of the lines for evidence of darkening or fading lines. It would have been exhausting.

I know what you're thinking: What about tomorrow or Saturday? Well, I have a plan (I always have a plan). I will check the mail tomorrow but since they do not put packages in my box, only notifications, I will just leave any notifications until Monday and deal with it then. I'm pretty sure I have enough will power for that. If I'm feeling weak, I will take TOIAW. He has enough will power for 4 people. Oh, and since we don't have mail deliveries on Saturday, I'm good.

Alright, it's off on a date for me. I vaguely remember a former life where I showered and shaved my legs prior to going on dates. I've done neither today so I hope he still calls tomorrow...

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