Thursday, October 18, 2007

Play Date

Today was a positively lovely day! I went to visit friends in my former 'hood. We did a little scrapbooking and a lot of talking and it was brilliant (a friend of my friend was there also and she is British so the "brilliant" comment is a shout out to Fiona).

I've kind of been feeling sorry for myself lately (as in the last 6 weeks) because I haven't really made any friends since we moved. I haven't given it that much effort, but there just doesn't seem to be anyone with whom I really click. In addition, we are moving from here in less than a year and, if I were being completely honest with myself, I would have to say I have a rather cavalier attitude about making friends here. That being said, I was invited to my neighbor's Saturday for a fondue night and I had a good time; there are a couple of ladies with whom I seem to have a lot in common and I can see myself spending more time with them.

The friends I was visiting all have husbands who are on extended business trips in the Middle East. The ladies are my heroes. They are simply AMAZING. They are both mom and dad and, though they may not admit it, they manage to do this fabulously. I love these ladies with all my heart. I wish they didn't have to go through this, but they do it with such grace it hardly looks difficult (oh, but it is!). There are many ways to serve your country and these ladies are certainly doing just that. They are the ones who keep it all together so their husbands can leave and do what they do. Please remember them in your prayers!

Okay, now I have some housekeeping chores calling my name. When TOIAW gets home, I like him to think all I did was clean and do chores while he was gone.

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clemsongirlandthecoach said...

Thanks for reading me! As a coach's wife, we move all the damn time. I have lots of book recommendations, especially Moving on After Moving In.

Or just drink heavily. Whichever is cheaper! hee hee