Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Negative, Ghost Rider, the Pattern is Full

In other words, I'm not pregnant. I suspected as much but then hope just creeps up when you're not looking. I actually took a home pregnancy test Sunday and it was positive. It was digital and I can read just fine so it must have been the left over pregnancy hormone still in my system. Thankfully I took another test (because there were 2 in the pack and I needed to see it again to believe it) early Monday morning and it was negative as was the doctor's office blood test.

I admit to being upset yesterday and I really just wanted to revel in my pity but TOIAW wouldn't let me. When I got home I did my Bible study and God wouldn't let me wallow in pity either. This week's focus is peace and this particular lesson was about Job. Even on my most dramatic days, my trials pale in comparison to Job's...no matter how much I exaggerate. I refuse to allow circumstances to steal the joy and peace I have as a child of God. I have an amazing life; it truly is what I always wanted!

The current plan is to try another round of injectible fertility medications. These are tricky medications and it can take a bit to get the dosage right. My doctor was able to make some necessary adjustments based on how I responded this cycle so it wasn't a complete loss. I am going to a conference next week and was worried about having to give myself the shots but I've had 2 people say they can help me which is a huge blessing!

I now must go retrieve the tool kit from the basement so that I can take apart my vacuum cleaner and remove the dog hair that is preventing the spinning brush from spinning. How could anyone not think my life is complete?!


The Gutsy Mom said...

I am sorry to hear this is not your month, but I am rooting for you for next month. You are amazingly wonderful to put this in perspective so quickly. I so admire you for that. Also, thanks for the reminder that I need to do the same thing to my vacuum cleaner...

Tracy said...

I'm sorry to hear about your BFN. I hope your next cycle brings better success.