Wednesday, October 24, 2007

I Heart My Crockpot

I was finished making dinner this morning by 8. That rocks.

My menu planning of late consists of presenting TOIAW with a list of meals and then he chooses 4 or 5 or, you know, however many meals I tell him I'm willing to cook that week. That way he has at least had a say and I get a better feel for what he really likes. We've only been married for a year and a half and finding meals he likes has been a little tough for me. He was raised my first-generation Russian immigrants and I was raised in the South. Obviously my family ate different foods than his did. Fortunately, he is used to eating other kinds of food but he really doesn't like anything with ground beef (except tacos, occasionally). I could eat chicken most nights, but he prefers beef. I just don't have that many beef recipes if I have to eliminate ground beef. Thanks to we manage. When we lived in Washington (state), I prepared a lot of fish but it's not as available here. Oh how I would love to have a gourmet grocery store here!

Since I'm still in "waiting" mode, I'm going to busy myself with some projects today. I am making a quilt for our nephew. Actually I'm expecting a new nephew right after Christmas so I'll be making two quilts but I now only have fabric for one. I should point out that I do not make heirloom quilts with beautiful stitching. No, I make easy quilts with cute fabric which better fits my skill level and that makes me more likely to complete the project. I would get frustrated working on the same quilt for a year or more (the thought makes me laugh because it would never happen). Also, I'm going to organize my craft room and work on some scrapbooking pages. It's going to be a crafting extravaganza!

I really wish I had some indication as to whether or not I am pregnant (see, now the pregnancy thing is creeping into every post). With my last pregnancy I knew right away and I had an early pregnancy test that confirmed it for me. When we have tried in the last few months, I've pretty much known I wasn't pregnant. This month I have no idea; it really could go either way and I'm trying not to obsess one way or the other. Ugh!

Well, the dog is staring at me and giving me serious puppy eyes in order to entice me to walk her. I better be careful because she is a German Shepherd and we all know they are predisposed to aggressive behavior. I don't want to take any chances, so I'm going to walk her straight away before the pouting escalates to something more serious like full-on whining.


The Gutsy Mom said...

Would you take that dog for a walk already, before she knocks you down and pounces on you?!

Rachel said...

And gets in my face...that's my biggest fear.