Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Holy Hives, Batman!

Last night TOIAW and I were watching a movie and I kept scratching my legs. I could feel a few bumps on them and thought they were just bug bites or something. I'm not sure when or how I could have gotten bug bites on my upper thighs, but what else could it be? When I went to bed I slathered up with cortisone cream. I had to reapply about 2:30am and I vaguely recall thinking my eye felt strange but I don't remember looking at it. So, when I woke-up at 7:00 to hop in the shower, I was a bit shocked at the face in the mirror! My right eye was almost completely shut and my left eye was only half-open. I had the mysterious bumps all over my body. I asked TOIAW to look and all he could do was remind me that he will get no sleep tonight due to a flight he is taking and he has to work a full day tomorrow. Yes, BUT MY EYES ARE ALMOST COMPLETELY SWOLLEN SHUT! This got his attention. He asked if I had any trouble breathing (I didn't), and then he just laughed and pointed out how I looked like Will Smith in "Hitch" when he had an allergic reaction to shellfish. Thanks, Honey.

We called my doctor who doesn't think it was a reaction to any of the medications I am taking. I did have a shot yesterday but it was a shot of the pregnancy hormone in order to induce ovulation and I have had it several times before. Also, the reaction didn't begin until more than 12 hours after the shot. I've been wracking my brain trying to figure out what could have caused this. Everything I did yesterday was normal. Normal foods, normal routines, no exposure to cleaning products which is very normal...I just don't know what caused this. According to Dr. Google though, it's not uncommon to not find out the cause. Great. That's what we were told about the miscarriages. I'm not completely convinced, however; I do think it is a possible reaction to the fertility meds.

Because I didn't want to go to the clinic and sit for who knows how many hours before I saw a doctor, I went next door to beg for some Benadryl. It helped a lot and now I'm waiting for TOIAW to come home so I can get my next fix. The problem spots seem to be my head (weird) and upper thighs. I'm trying really hard not to scratch.

**UPDATE**Well, it looks like I will be going to the clinic in the morning. The hives have spread to my feet and it is very painful to walk. I mean, seriously, does this really happen to people? I'm even missing neighborhood Bunco tonight because close fitting clothing is not good and I can't walk...I don't think they want to see my bra-less, puffy-eyed, limping self. We haven't lived here long and I don't want people to get scared.

This all reminds me of a funny story...about 2.5 years ago TOIAW was on an extended business trip in the desert and I was living in Louisville, KY for my job as a flight attendant. I lived with two other flight attendants one of which was also a Hooters' girl who, not surprisingly, was in amazing shape. She recommended some kind of supplement for me to take before my workouts promising who knows what, but one day I decided to give it a go. So there I am working out in this amazing place (I only include that link because if you ever live there, you MUST join their gym) with the after-work crowd. It was busy but I was be bopping to my iPod doing my weights program. I noticed this woman staring at me with a puzzled look on her face. I thought she was just in awe of my program and how I rocked it. Not so much. Finally she approached me and said that my face looked really red and she was concerned. I remember my exact reply to her: "Oh, it's okay, I always look like this when I workout."

I then went over to do hand weights and, for the first time since ingesting the "awesome Hooter's girl supplement," I looked in the mirror. My eyes were both very swollen which was probably good because it prevented me from noticing the HUGE welts on my face and neck in their totality. Needless to say, I ran to the locker room and rushed home to ingestconsume massive quantities of Benadryl. I never used the aforementioned supplement again. Also, Hooters never called.

Oh, it's okay, I always look like this when I workout. From them on, I always went to the gym during the day.


The Gutsy Mom said...

Holy crap, are you okay? Are you still coming over tomorrow? This is a sweats-and-no-bra friendly zone, if that's what you need. But bring your own benedryl because I am fresh out. Remind me to tell you about my they-were-not-really-PUPPs PUPPS/hives episode.

Tracy said...

Hope you're feeling better soon...I had an allergic reaction once in high school and developed hives on my feet and it was no fun. Had the same reaction to the steroids during my last IVF cycle. Hang in there!!!!