Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Differing Styles and Alternative Lifestyles

On Monday we decided to trek to our neighborhood IKEA. It's not really in our neighborhood or even in our town but, thanks to the Autobahn, it's not a long drive. IKEA really magnifies the vast expanse that exists between my style and TOIAW's style. He's more of a Frank Lloyd Wright's Fallingwater to my Pottery Barn/Southern Living meets French Country. Not that my house looks anything like that, but I'm working on it. I like to think it would help if I actually had my own house.

While at IKEA we ran into someone whose husband worked with TOIAW for a few years. I knew them for quite awhile before learning they are Wiccan. Now, for a New York Jew and a Southern girl, that is an alternative lifestyle! I'm not sure exactly how I envision Wiccans but these people don't really fit the mold. I can't quite get it out of my mind when I am speaking with her and it doesn't help that she wears a very large pendant with a pagan symbol on it. Somehow we began discussing her oldest daughter's boyfriend and how freaked out he was when they told him it was fine with them if he spent the night whenever he wanted. TOIAW never quite digested that tidbit of information and I had to say our goodbyes before he said to her what he said to me when we got outside.

Suffice it to say we might no agree on decor, but neither our daughter(s) nor our son(s) will have opposite sex sleepovers.

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