Monday, October 8, 2007

Back In the Saddle Again

Outpatient surgery? HA! THREE days later we made it home. Apparently, some scar tissue from a surgery in May (to remove an ectopic pregnancy) caused some problems which is why I had to stay a few extra days. The good news is, all is good and the surgery went well; the cyst is gone and tests showed that my right fallopian tube is open and everything else looks to be in order as well. I'm feeling very well with minimal soreness.

I have an appointment with the fertility specialist tomorrow and from there we will determine what the next step is. I think it's too late in my cycle to begin any kind of stimulation so I expect that we will try things the natural way this month and then use drugs next month, if necessary. Of course, when I think about that my mind goes into overdrive and I start considering the second- and third-order effects of a pregnancy this month or next. I will be traveling home for the holidays and will most likely leave in early December since TOIAW will not be home then anyway. I just think and think and think about what ifs and drive myself whacky. This is where I need to focus on my priorities and my number one priority is getting pregnant and having a healthy pregnancy. Travel plans can be changed and, as I told TOIAW last night, having to make adjustments due to pregnancy concerns would be a GOOD problem to have!

In any event, I need to remember a quote I read a week or so ago: "Inch by inch life's a cinch. Yard by yard life is hard." I don't know who said it. A friend of mine said she sang it in a song when she was a little girl. I do, however, know that it is an excellent mantra and I shall try to recall it when my mind starts doing it's thing.

TOIAW is off today so I think we're going to go exploring. I might even wear make-up!

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