Thursday, September 20, 2007

A Touch of Home

This past weekend, TOIAW and I went to Austria to see the parents of one of my oldest and dearest friends. They were there on vacation and I was so glad we were able to see them. We didn't meet them until Sunday evening, so TOIAW and I spent Sunday here:

This lake and a smaller one were formed by two huge dams. The picture just doesn't do it justice. It was amazing! We didn't even plan on going there; we just happened upon this huge parking garage so we parked and walked up to a little building where we decided to go on what we thought was a tour of dams (you know, another dam tour...). What we actually signed up for was a bus ride to a point from which we rode a large motorized sled/escalator contraption up the mountain. Upon disembarking that contraption, we boarded another bus that took us through a series of tunnels and, eventually, to the upper lake. The water and sky were so blue and despite the modern construction of the dams, it was all very pristine.

That evening we went to dinner with my friend's parents and their traveling partners. It was a great time of catching-up and reminiscing. The next day we went for a walk around the lake and had lunch together before TOIAW and I headed back home. Sometimes I think I get so busy with my current life that I never think of parts of my "other" life growing up and how that actually formed who I am today.

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