Wednesday, September 26, 2007


I am outraged that President Bush *only* mentioned that Americans are outraged by the situation in Burma. I'm positive less than 20% of Americans could find Burma on a map even if their life depended on it. Nevertheless I, along with the President, find the actions of the Burmese regime to be cruel and barbaric, it is certainly not the only thing that outrages me. Darfur, anyone? I know the UN Secretary-General mentioned Sudan but apparently Americans are mainly concerned with anti-democratic movements. Okay fine, bur are we not equally outraged with the anti-democratic campaigns in China, Russia, Saudi Arabia, or Iran? Guess not.

My point (not that I need one because this is my blog)? Either do something all the way or don't do it all. I wonder if anyone else at the UN saw all of those big white elephants in the room?

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