Thursday, September 13, 2007

My dog can do that

TOIAW got off a little early yesterday so we both took the dog for a long walk. We recently moved (because that is what we do) and one good thing about Themiddleofnowhere, Germany is there are an abundance of walking trails. We were on the home stretch (downhill portion) of our walk and the dog was digging in the tall grass of a field as she often does. In fact, she literally pounces numerous times during our walks and I always wondered what it was she was trying to catch. I guess she is finally coming into her own on the hunting front because she bagged her first kill: a mouse. She was crunching and swallowing by the time we figured out what it was (to be honest, I actually turned around and ordered TOIAW to handle it).

Would this hurt her? We needed to know. I briefly considered calling my friend and former neighbor who is a vet (shout out to you, Jess!) but decided against it because, well, if she ever gives us a bill for all the free advice she has ever given us we'll have to sell an organ or four to repay her. Instead, I called our local veterinary clinic. The receptionist was polite but did giggle a bit. I actually spoke to the doctor who assured me that dogs eating mice is no different than cats eating mice so we're good.

I wish I could find a more useful outlet for her hunting instincts. Perhaps we can train her to "hunt" out the white socks from the colored socks? They say all dogs need a job and I think mine should be a laundress.

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