Wednesday, September 26, 2007

I Just Remembered...

...I HATE exercise.

Princess Poopsalot and I just returned from a 6 mile walk through hilly terrain, no less, because that's how we roll. It was the least I could do since she has been driving me nustso with her pouting, sighing, and huffing (no, not that kind, it's not that bad...yet) because she is [in her mind] such a neglected puppy. For the love of all that is holy, trust me she is NOT neglected no matter how liberally you define the word. There should be a Sally Struthers-like spokesperson for poor, abused, and starving puppies so PP could watch it and get over herself. [In addition, perhaps it would bring to light the way many people treat their animals. Michael Vick is only the beginning, I'm sure. I have a friend who friend who got both of her dogs from a shelter one of which was a foster dog that she and her husband ended up adopting which is why I'll probably never be allowed near such a facility.]

My other motivation for exercising was looking at pictures of my former self while organizing and ordering the zillions of digital pictures we have. I knew my jeans didn't quite fasten as easily as they did last spring and after looking at pictures of me from our latest trips, I can see why. Whoa! Looks like PP is going to be getting a lot more LONG walks which, in turn, will save her the money she was saving to hire an attorney.

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