Friday, September 14, 2007

Freakin' Cysts!!!

Oy vey! I had a doctor's appointment this morning and the cyst that I *really* wanted to be gone isn't...and he invited a friend to come stay on my other ovary. Generally I'm okay with uninvited guests, but these guys just cannot stay. I want to scream!

I was hoping to begin injectable fertility medications this cycle but that must wait another month. Waiting is not fun. The thing that helps me through the "you're not pregnant, again" days is knowing that we still have plenty of options and hoping one of those will work. I was also pretty excited about doing injectables. I'm doing better now but as soon as he said there was a second cyst, I really just wanted to cry. TOIAW wasn't going to attend the appointment with me but when his meeting was cancelled he did end up going. That was such a blessing! I could feel the tears and the lump in my throat and then TOIAW started asking a litany of questions such as how we're going to proceed next month and when is it time to think about IVF. Now we have a solid plan (as long as the cysts take a permanent siesta). We will try injectables either until I'm pregnant or until the end of the year. After that we will move on to IVF, if necessary. Of course IVF is not completely necessary in our case except that we would like to have at least three children and I'm 33 so you can do the math. There are other timeline factors associated with TOIAW's career and we have a somewhat brief window of opportunity in terms of specialized medical access before we move to the ends of the Earth.

It was an even better thing that TOIAW was with me on the drive home or I probably would have thrown a gala event pity party. He's my official pity party pooper. Instead we talked about how we are very fortunate to have good insurance (I don't even want to think about what this would cost us otherwise) and we are financially able to do IVF if we need to and that is a luxury many do not have. For these reasons and many more, we are so much better off than many other couples going through infertility adventures and for that I am grateful.

But seriously, bugger off you nasty cysts!


Hekateris said...

Hello! Welcome to blogland and Infertility Island (hopefully your stay will be short on the latter).

So, why Germany?

Living the Dream said...

Why Germany is a good question. The simple answer, is this is where TOIAW is working--for now at least. We never know where in the world we're going to land next.